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Types of surveys we offer

Although our scope of research began with Employee Engagement Surveys, we have expanded our product offerings and can deliver a broad spectrum of organisational research needs. Types of BPA Surveys include:

Make Your Voice Count


A specialist area of expertise is BPA’s Employee Engagement. With over 500,000 employee responses and through our 24 years’ experience we have developed frameworks and models when measuring and understanding Engagement. Just some of these include:

  • A holistic approach to measuring Organisational Culture which comprises 7 key research programs.
  • Benchmarking which will allow your organisation to hone in on your successes and isolate your shortcomings. BPA segments its database by sectors including government, not-for-profit, for profit and health sectors. In addition we have niche market segments including disability services, drug & alcohol services, social services, education, finance, animal care, etc.
  • BPA’s Blame+ to Success model: A core component of BPA Engagement surveys is a set of 10 questions used to type your organisation’s culture on a spectrum from Blame+ to Success. Read more about it here.


We have expanded our offering to include surveys that measure Volunteer Engagement with the same rigorous research methodologies as applied to our employee research. We also have a Volunteer Benchmarking Study on offer - Check it out here!


BPA has been conducting Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) Surveys for over 20 years in over 200 Hospital/Health Services. We have a suite of survey modules that you can choose from based on the level of customisation required by your organisation. We offer standard, to top of the range market intelligence surveys.

BPA is able to provide your organisation with a benchmarking perspective to provide you with context to your scores. Read more about our Benchmarking Here!


BPA’s patient research began in 1997 and to date we have conducted Patient research in more than 100 Hospitals/Health Services. We offer a range of patient products from one off diagnostic patient surveys to regular ongoing patient surveys (conducted quarterly). We offer both inpatient and outpatient surveys to cater for the differences in treatment/stay.

We have also developed Magnet Accredited Inpatient and Outpatient Survey instruments approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This allows our clients to meet the requirements outlined by the ANCC to becoming a Magnet certified Hospital.

Benchmarking Studies

BPA often initiates Benchmarking Studies. This Benchmarking Study idea is where BPA designs and develops a survey instrument to be used across a sector as a means of establishing sector norms.

Your organisations may value this approach because it enables you to ‘taste-test’ a BPA Survey in a cost effective way, and still get from the study information that pertains to your sector.

Benchmarking studies are run at many times throughout the year. Read more about our current Benchmarking Studies!

Steps in Coordinating a BPA Survey

When a client confirms that they would like to engage Best Practice Australia to conduct their survey, BPA develops a detailed project plan which outlines the major milestones and associated timeframes required in order to meet the clients preferred survey census period. Provided below is a graphic which outlines the essential steps involved in preparing and conducting a BPA Survey.


Why Choose BPA to Measure Your Organisation’s Culture?


BPA celebrated its 25th birthday in July 2017. We are committed to our ongoing research in measuring Engagement in a variety of sectors including Health. We are always evolving to meet the needs of our clients and also have on offer Volunteer Surveys, Doctor Surveys, Patient Surveys, Stakeholder Surveys, and Benchmarking Studies.

Benchmarking Capability

Since the company’s inception, BPA has been using the research methodology of Benchmarking, and offers a variety of Benchmarking Studies throughout the year. Click here to learn more about BPA's Benchmarking.

Linguistic Analysis

One of BPA’s specific areas of expertise which (we believe) sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to code qualitative data. We call this Linguistic Analysis. The methodology of Linguistic Analysis enables BPA to create surveys with open-ended qualitative questions to find out why respondents think or feel the way they do … and then to quantify this information. Click here to learn more about BPA's Linguistic Analysis.

Competitive Pricing

BPA’s pricing model is scalable to suit the needs of its clients. It comprises a base fee and per unit report fee (an analysis or evaluation of a work unit’s/group's results). BPA’s pricing structure offers cost effective electronic survey mediums and is focused on providing you with flexibility in survey construction. BPA also offers a discount to regular clients.

Evidence Models of Workplace Behaviour

As Social Researchers, it is our task to provide you with information that is meaningful and user-friendly for managers. The models BPA has developed have been honed and refined over time. It also takes large volumes of data to produce a statistically meaningful model. The sheer volume and number of respondents that comprise the BPA Services Sector database have made modelling achievable. Just some of our signature models include:

  • 6 Types of Culture - from Blame+ to Success (a model of Employee Engagement)
  • Leadership Landscape Model
  • Work Priorities

User Friendly Reports

Clients do not need a degree in statistics to read and understand their reports. Rather, BPA’s reports are designed to let the user quickly grasp the prevailing themes and issues without being overwhelmed.

Work Unit Reporting

Clients have the opportunity to elect to drill down into their results at the work unit level. This means organisations can identify - with certainty - which units are strongest (or weakest).

It also means each adequately sized unit receives its own report, enabling local managers to initiate their own local changes. Using these reports creates a much faster and easier feedback process.


At BPA, we know how to conduct surveys. Our years of experience have provided us with a very thorough understanding of what works (and what doesn’t work) when conducting an Engagement Survey.

Our team of committed professionals have developed systems and procedures that make the logistical coordination and implementation of an Engagement Survey a seamless process for our clients, regardless of their size. BPA turns around results very quickly. Our clients often comment on our speed of response.

Surveys you Can Action

The BPA reports focus on Action-ability. The simplicity of the reports enables managers to identify 2-3 proposed actions as a result of the survey outcomes. BPA’s Report Navigator is a tool we provide to help each manager identify these actions.