2017 PHN Benchmarking Results

We would like to thank all of the Primary Health Networks (PHNs) who participated in this year’s benchmarking study.

2017 is the 8th year of BPA initiating and conducting this study in the sector, in what was originally Divisions of General Practice, then Medicare Locals and now PHNs. Over these 8 years, 12,307 employees have been surveyed and 10,543 employees have responded.

A new question included in this year's survey is the internationally recognised Employee Net Promoter Score ®. The NPS has traditionally provided a gauge on customer loyalty, and is now being increasingly used as an indicator of employee loyalty (eNPS). The question reads, '..how likely are you to recommend your PHN (where appropriate) to a friend or family member as a good place to work?'. This is calculated by taking the difference between the percentage of the organisation’s Promoters and the percentage of the organisation’s Detractors. The extremes of the scale range from -100 to 100. The PHNs received an encouraging score of +23.9 which is +4.3 points above BPA's norm.

We are pleased to share that the journey over the last year, which has seen some significant changes in the PHN sector, has resulted in 63.6% of respondents across all 15 PHNs experiencing their working life in the Engagement Cycle. This is a truly impressive result. When compared against BPA’s entire database of Health and Community Services Sector Norms (482,953 respondents) the average is usually 44%. Click here to read more about BPA's Type of Culture Model.

See the images below for a SNAPSHOT of this year's results or download the full Snaphot here.

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